Frequently asked questions

What is the Minimum Age Requirement?

Riders need to be at least 18 Years of Age to rent a PedalShare Bicycle

Where Can I Ride a PedalShare Bike?

PedalShare bikes are intended for use within Suffolk County NY. All bikes must be returned to a PedalShare station within this service area.

How Long Can I Rent a PedalShare Bike?

Currenty our rentals plans are Hourly, Daily, Annual Membership. The maximum time a bike can be rented is 72 hours. After that time a bike is considered Lost or Stolen and the cost of the bike ($1500) will be charged to the credit card supplied.

Can I rent more than one bike at a time?

No, Currently you can only rent one bike per device.

What if I need to return my bike and the station is full?

If a station is full please return bike as close to the rack as possible and within the geofenced station area within the app. Please notify us of any racks that may be full by emailing or creating a service ticket within the app.

My bike has been lost or stolen. What happens now?

Please contact us as soon as possible if your bike has been lost or stolen. We will try to locate any bike that has been lost or stolen. Riders are responsible for the full replacement cost ($1500) for any bike that cannot be found within 72 hours or has been damaged beyond reasonable repair.

Why is my bike beeping at me during my ride?

If at any time your phone loses connection via bluetooth with the bike it will alert you with a continuous beep. Please check your phones bluetooth connection or open the Bloom app.

How do I pause my ride?

Riders have the option to pause a ride during the rental period. This will allow you lock the bike without ending the rental. Simply press the "Stop" Icon and within 5 seconds you will be allowed to swipe to pause the ride. When a ride has been paused the bike will not be able to be unlocked by anyone but you. Pausing a ride does not pause the rental time. You will be charged while a bike is paused. When ready to start riding again, simply open the app and press the "Play" Icon to resume your ride.

How do I reserve a bike?

If you are not near a station you can reserve a bike for a period of 15 minutes. While a bike is reserved no one can rent that bike. After 15 minutes the bike will again be able to rented by someone else. Simply open the app and click find a bike. The bike nearest you will show up and allow you to reserve. Bikes are numbered 1-140. The number assigned to you will be the bike that you will scan upon arrival at the station.

Why won't my bike unlock?

Please make sure that bluetooth is enabled as well as location services for the app. The app requires cellular data service or wifi to connect to the server. At peak usage times there may be a longer than normal delay in connecting to the bike. If the bike will not unlock try restarting the app or try renting a different bike.


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